I am a friendly, enthusiastic and talented music teacher, and believe in developing an environment that fosters a love for learning. I teach to inspire and motivate pupils to learn, and believe in a holistic approach that provides a meaningful purpose for them.

I have extensive primary, secondary and further education teaching experience and I can plan and implement all curriculum areas within music. I am a self-motivated individual who enjoys working both individually and as part of a team, and really value the advice and ideas I am able to draw on from fellow educators.

My aim is to promote all these values in the classroom, placing an emphasis on progress, achievement and quality of work from the pupils.

Education should be about helping each pupil to achieve their full potential, learning best through a stimulating and practical curriculum. Clear learning outcomes and high expectations combined with quality learning experiences contribute greatly to a pupil’s academic and social development, giving them an excellent foundation from which to become confident, independent and lifelong learners.

I have also seen a number of children with behavioural and social difficulties settle into a well managed and structured classroom with a clear discipline strategy. This, supported by a working partnership with parents, has helped those pupils take huge steps forward in their development.

In my recent role at Clarendon Junior School my contributions were not limited to the classroom; I enjoyed the opportunity to play a part in improvements across the school. I lead the school choir, which I formed because I felt that every school should have a choir and the children should have the opportunity to sing together. I also lead a lunch time composer club, giving the children an opportunity to explore composition with a range of instruments and computer software.

Throughout my career I have consistently proven to be an excellent teacher, and I feel I have the right attributes and knowledge to be a valuable member of your staff. I am a creative music educator and enjoy planning exciting lessons that motivate children to learn and develop a sense of pride in their individual achievements.

I also offer free taster sessions should you wish to see for yourself how I can influence music within your school or organisation.

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